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 Lil Dog Lodge is a family owned and operated business established by Alex and Raeann Woytowicz. 
 Lil Dog Lodge provides dog daycare, boarding, and limited grooming services from their Haydenville, MA location. 
 Alex & Rae founded Lil Dog Lodge in 2013, with the mission to use their knowledge, experience, and expertise to provide 
 their clients' beloved pets with the high quality services that their clients would be proud to recommend. 

  Alex has twenty-four years of professional animal care experience. He has worked as a veterinary kennel technician 

 and manager of in-home and pet taxi services at a dog daycare resort & spa. Alex professionally bred 3 litters of Great 
 Danes, and specialized in training and exhibiting them in A.K.C. conformation shows from 1996–2014. 

Rae holds a degree in animal science, a bather/brusher certification, and also has twenty-four years of professional

 animal care experience. She has worked as a veterinary technician for three veterinary hospitals and the manager of 
 two dog daycare resorts and spas. Rae professionally exhibited Great Danes in A.K.C. conformation shows and, 
 specializing in their nutrition and reproductive care, bred three litters from 1996–2014. 
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